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Oct 23, 2017

This may be our best episode yet.

Lawrence has even more isekai's today. Arnold powers through the entire Neo Yokio. Christopher spends more quality time with his new Switch. Rowy is.... still playing FF 14. And Mark is the bravest soul in the world.

Outro: Eric Andre - Hot Chicken (Rough Child...

Oct 9, 2017

We're SWITCHING it up this week~

Mark is back and he relives his erotic RP days. Lawrence joins us for a brief cartoon segment. Arnold MIGHT need a new job??? Rowy's still doing the same old shit. And Christopher is raining down the money-money-money.

We talk about the new Batman Telltale episode, tsunderes,...

Oct 3, 2017

3 in a row! Bet you're sick of our faces now, huh? The boys fail to deliver on the Neo Yokio-cast but makes up for it with a Vandalcast instead~

We also talk about the latest Overwatch patches and Episode 9 of Rick and Morty. Managed to sneak some hentai in the side. 

We also debut a new end segment, "The List"!


Sep 24, 2017

Missed another week because we're scrubs. For the first time ever, the same guys in the previous episode are the same guys here!


Lawrence surprises us with dick talk; Arnold *ZOOMS IN* watched his first episode of Probinsyano; Christoper continues the Gintama train; and Rowy can't get enough of that Grean...

Sep 11, 2017

Sorry for missing last week, everyone.

We have a ghost amongst us! Lawrence is back to lay down some crazy shit! Arnold has that Bojack depression. Christopher gets deep into his love for Michael Tennant. And the guys need to be ready for the [R O W Y EVERYWHERE SYSTEM]!!!

Outro: "Jump Up, Super Star!" (Cover // Super...